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For The Walt Disney Corporation

Irma's House of Numbers (Counting The Kennedy Conspiracy)

For The Walt Disney Corporation

Castles To Constellations: 100 Years of the Kennedy Assassination

For The Walt Disney Corporation

7 Minutes (Sci Fi)

For The Walt Disney Corporation


WE SEE the front of the Protein Packet Depository.  Haley is waiting to get into the Depository. She glances around, per habit, and all is calm.  She is waiting for Glenn, her "former partner", to arrive. She needs to get an imediate test, a breakdown, of the DNA sample she "drew" earlier that morning from the Perp.  AKA The Smartass Piece of Shit. FLASHBACK. EARLIER THAT DAY. WE SEE Haley and Glenn her former partner standing at the front door of one of the section 8 government houseing units recently built for the perenially "poor". It was for America's downtrodden, homeless, destitute and it had become known as "The Bottoms".   The Perp --"The Doctor" -- to the Police a known "Criminal"-- pushes open the screen door. He looks directly at Haley and says:


       What are the Police standing at my door for--I'm not Black.

Only "poor white trash" lived in "The Bottoms" it was a dump that "Blacks" wouldn't be caught dead in.  THE DOCTOR a tall thin "White Male" of 30 years or so had filled over 30,000 illegal prescriptions for Percocet and he had done 10 years in Federal prison for his "misdeed".  It was a prison up river which had been nicknamed appropriately "The Up River Prison". Yes there were still "poor assed racists" in the year 2048. BACK TO PRESENT DAY EXT. DEPOSITORY: Glenn walks up--he is also a tall thin white man but at 66 he was exactly twice the age of Haley's Perp Piece of Shit. As Glenn walks towards Haley he unzips his jacket showing the inside pocket.  Obvious --sticking up-- a red wallet. It was pretty, it was costly and it held Haley's equipment. Her "kit". Her all in one Retna Scanner, Communicator, Stun Gun/Taser. Her Comm-D56 unit. It had been issued to Haley by Interpol France. Glenn pulls the red wallet from his jacket pocket and holds it out. As Haley reaches her hand out a gust of wind and cloth whizzes by; in an instant the D56 is gone. It is SNATCHED right out Glenn's hand. One of the Deffys (Deficients in need of a "paid for by the government fix") was off the chain and busting down the street with her junk !!!  GLENN AND HALEY GIVE CHASE.

        "7 Minutes"

                by Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright 2019 by CP Irrevocable Trust.


The Crest

For The Walt Disney Corporation

I'll take it”  Clarita said, snatching the chain .  It was a 24kt gold chain, like the ones the rap stars wear.  It had one word spelled out in cursive–“Fatima”.  Counselor, had refused to touch the chain. She had refused to reach for it as it was being held out to her by the Man in the Black hat.  Surprisingly, Clarita grabbed it and The Man in the Black hat shot a dissaproving  glance at Clarita a glance that Counselor could make out even in the pitch of  Washington DC dark alleyway night.  The Man in the Black Hat continued talking:

  “HE was their first. There have been three others since 1963 but HE was their first”. 

   Counselor interrupted. “The Frenchman–the French Connection ?  Tell me about him.  He worked for the “Corsican Mafia” ? 

   The Man in the Black Hat spoke in a whisper: “Listen carefully, I’ll only say it once.  Dossier:  HE was born in Paris France  but he was moved to the United States, to Kansas City,  at the age of five, to live with an Aunt”. 

“Auntie M” Clarita chimed in –in a whisper.

   Mr. Black Hat continued,  “At the beginning of WWII at the age of 20 HE joined the French Army.  HE switched to the U.S. Army within one year and was ordered to help the French Resistance during the Allied Landings in Normandy.  HE was quickly transferred to the OSS  the Office of  Strategic Services.  It was then that He worked with the Corsican Brotherhood as an ally of the Resistance.  During the Cold War Period HE was sent to Vietnam.   It was 1954 and He worked under CIA Station Chief William Colby.  And his job there in Vietnam was to ‘train and arm’ local tribesmen called ‘Montagnards’.  During the November 1963  ‘coup’ against General Ngo Dinh Diem, HE served as Henry Cabot Lodge Jr’s liason officer with ‘the coup plotters’ and HE delivered $42,000 of the known cash ‘disbursements’ .  Of course, during this time–early November  1963 Diem was “assassinated”…. In 1972 President Richard Nixon appointed Him as Chief of Covert Operations for the DEA”.

Counselor finished the sentence for Mr. Black Hat, “A Wolf guarding the Hen House.”

  “Exactly” said Mr. Black Hat. “And Oh, HE , Lucien, Lt. Col Lucien, was born in November.  November 29, 1919″…. 


*** “The Crest” screenplay and story  by Renee Ashley Baker.  Copyright 2018 by CP Irrevocable Trust.


For Walt Disney Corporation


A Fictional Crime Thriller


Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright 2017 by Renee Ashley Baker

   THE SEA HAG who’s eyes were cold and gray and squinty, floated, high, and at a slightly left angle, to the USMC Marine who stood shoulder to shoulder next to her.  The USMC Marine was wearing full dress navy and white regalia and was saluting (and inviting) with the words “join” and “corps” in big white letters.  Daniel had been seeing these two every day for three months now and suspected that the billboard company would soon be “exchanging” the “odd pair” for a new pairing at a cost of–what did Patima tell him–$50,000 per billboard ?  And for what ?  For maybe a three month run?  Patima, his long time fiancee, had wanted him to advertise his practice.  Patima, a “high ranking female ad exec on Madison avenue” had told him that generations X,Y, and Millennial would respond positively and bring business to the newly opened psychiatric practice. A newly opened practice of “young turks” who’d rented “swanky” chrome and glass offices on Manhattan’s “trust fund ladened” Upper West Side.  Daniel approached the door of the Starbucks and pulled, allowing the smiling bifocaled woman to exit, then, he entered taking note.  By 10am the morning crowd had waned and he took a seat at his usual table, dropping his folded New York Times while simultaneously pulling out his smartphone  (he dialed using just his right thumb).  James had asked him to “look into” something because he was having a problem with one of his cases. You see, James worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the F.B.I.) and he would often seek “his” thoughts on this thing or that thing or anything that “involved abhorrent behavior”.   James and he had been contemporaries, and buddies (and playmates since they were little boys). You see James was his first cousin, the son of his Mother’s eldest sister.  And there was a “third” member of their “tightly-knit” relative only “blood-group”.  A third cousin named “Jalal”.  (The “D’Artagnan” of the group if you will).  Daniel waited while it rang on the other end.  Daniel  focused his eyes on the story about New York’s still notorious and uncaught killer. A killer that had every young man in New York city on “alert”.   A killer that had been ridiculously named “Smiley”.   Lilly-the-Barrista placed his $4 “carmel macchiato” in front of him, then took the $10 bill from the table and smiled. He smiled back(gentlemanly, not sexily) then went back to reading about that “terrifying” New York monster “curiously” (and ridiculously) named “The Smiley Face Killer”.  


           (The Beginning)

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LaDy  kILLeRs

For Walt Disney Corporation

 " I thought  I  killed  you ?”  She looked around, to her left side, then to her right but there was NO ONE  to answer to. The place was empty. Everybody had left. It was her research, she surmised, that lead to this recent spate of “heebie jeebies”. A new book she was writing — about MURDERERS !!!     She had written twelve books–all novels–but this would be her first work of   –non-fiction. She had been working late lately, till 9 pm closing time, at the Public Library and she’d stopped  at the  Starbucks nextdoor for a cafe au lait; which always, for some reason, made her sleepy (she’d vowed she’d never take a Xanax). This new book had an odd relationship to her real life. It was about the Murderers that she may have actually come into contact with –and maybe even rubbed elbows with– in some strange sick way.Since she (Marthe) was a child of 9 or 10 years of age  she’d had a recurring dream (a recurring nightmare) about being the “missed” victim of a notorious serial killer . About walking around cobblestoned streets somewhere, at  night, wearing high button shoes. Walking around and sensing someone watching or following her through the lonely abandoned blackness. And yet–just before some horrific confrontation, she’d awaken, shivering and SHOOK. So, She had decided to confront this neuroses head on in a book about five Murderers who had been living and murdering in the same area or city at the exact same time she (Marthe) had been living and working there. The murders  in question had taken place from 1974-2003. The first murderer  had murdered in Colorado, the second in Los Angeles, the third in Hollywood, the fourth in Beverly Hills.Hence, the title for her book: “The Killer Missed Me: 5 Decades of Lady Killers”(Ted Bundy (in Colorado)The Golden State Killer (Los Angeles)Richard Ramirez (Hollywood)The Max Factor Killer (Beverly Hills) and #5 ________? (Marthe had just moved to LONDON )

*The Killer Missed Me: 5 Decades of Lady Killers”


Renee Ashley Baker 

Copyright 2018 by CP Irrevocable Trust.

NOTE:  This project will not be completed until I, Renee Ashley Baker, have completed “physical therapy” for my knee injury (IN CONNECTICUT).  At that time.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, may contact Walt Disney Corporation about this project…..(I, Renee Ashley Baker, am not signed with any “Literary Agency” and I, Renee Ashley Baker, may  “hire” a Talent Agency to represent this project….) I, Renee Ashley Baker, must also put my planned “concert” for “Sony Get TV” on hold !!!  

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will only “work in the entertainment industry” if–IF–I, Renee Ashley Baker, work in “motion pictures only” , for Walt Disney Corporation exclusively, and if I, Renee Ashley Baker Star In “dramas” first (not comedies first).  

Word To The Wives

A Story of Self-Discovery

Word To The Wives


Renee Ashley Baker

A reworking not a remake. Copyright 2019 by C P Irrevocable Trust.


(A Narrator of the 1960's Jerry Lewis movie comedies type).


What could go wrong ? Yes, she had her plan. And her best friend Olivia would help her. They'd figured out all the "kinks". Right ? She had kissed Noah goodbye and he suspected nothing. She dropped the top and hit the pedal. The Louis V in the back shaking the world. So, again I ask What Could Go Wrong ? FLASH FORWARD 7 DAYS LATER.


ON CAMERA WE SEE "SHIT GOING WRONG" !!! Oliver (Olivia's husband) and Noah (Gladys' husband) are both seated in the dining room chairs back to back. Ropes wrapped around both men's chests. Both men's hands behind their backs with zip ties around their wrists. THE CAMERA MOVES LEFT AND WE SEE Two figures dressed in all black. Black gloves, black shoes, black hoodies, black pants, black ski masks. The two figures are seated side by side on the SOFA in the adjacent "living room". CAMERA MOVES FURTHER LEFT IN A 180 AND WE SEE YET ANOTHER FIGURE. THIS ONE STANDING--LEANING AGAINST A DOOR JAMB. HE TOO IS WEARING ALL BLACK. AND IS --GET THIS--SMOKING A JOINT !!! WE SEE IN THIS "LEANING MAN'S HAND" A GUN--A BLACK 44. AUTOMATIC AND HE IS WAVING IT BACK AND FORTH. FROM THE TWO IN THE CHAIRS TO THE TWO ON THE COUCH. WHAT A MESS !!! It was to have gone so smoothly. Gladys and her BFF Olivia were going to "dress up like burglars" "get inside Gladys and Noah's house" and scare, frighten "Noah" with a "phony home invasion robbery". Frighten him so badly that he'd want to "move" into the "new housing development" where Oliver and Olivia had just purchased a new house !!! Go figure. It was "burglars night out" and a "real burglar" would find Gladys and Noah's house on the same night as the "phony burglary". The REAL BURGLAR--the one standing and leaning against the door jamb and smoking the joint and waving the gun around wasn't amused. He NEVER collaborated on his jobs.


Above "story" by Renee Ashley Baker is Not for Universal Studios. Not for Paramount. Not for Warner Bros. And Not for Television. Disney Studios shall receive this project "too" .


All About Renee's Screenwriting Masterclass

Renee Ashley Baker's Screenwriting Masterclass started as a way to help writers who are writing screenplays out of a pure love for writing "cinema stories". Each student will come up with His/Her own creative ideas and will develop and write His/Her  own motion picture screenplay. This screenplay will be copyrighted by the Student and will belong to the Student 100%. No ownership of the "student screenplays" will belong in whole or in part to instructor Renee Ashley Baker.



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